Innovative Advertising

Advertising is evolving. Traditional standards such as cable are quickly becoming compelemented by the advance of HD video, and its many channels of distribution.

One of these channels is the internet. Online streaming services are quickly becoming the norm, with network sites like Hulu streaming television and movies via computer, and products such as Apple TV and video game consoles bringing these features to HD televisions sets. Social Media sites such as Youtube and Facebook are also adapting to the shift in demand, and creating their own ways of advertising online. The rapid advancement we are seeing means that advertisers must think of new ways to reach their audience and drive the best results for their clients.

An example of new strategies can be found in Unilever's deal with AMC's Mad Men. The company is the first to create a multi-product advertising deal with the cable show, in which it will create commercials in vein of the program itself. Characters set in a fictional agency and shot in the style of Mad Men will actually be promoting Unilever's products (such as Dove) during commercial breaks on the show, in an effort to draw the viewer in where they normally would have fast forwarded through the messages.

Mad Men Side by Side



Even magazines, through a slimline device and rechargable battery, are bringing video content into their advertising. The point of the matter is that the possibilities are endless, and the creativity of advertising agencies will continue to drive new channels of HD content distribution to new heights in the near future.

Video in Print Magazine


Cutting Edge Technology

While the channels for HD distribution are growing rapidly, the technology being created by industry innovators continues to push the envelope on what can be done to advertise. A great example can be found in James Cameron's beamsplitter equipment which was used in the massive phenomenon "Avatar", and proved that 3D technology is not just a fad, but a dynamic and long lasting entry into the HD market. The premier of the first HD home theater systems is a testament to this fact.

James Cameron's 3D Camera Rig

Another exciting advance is the use of HDR techniques in video. HDR is essentially the process of taking an overexposed picture and an underexposed picture and layering them upon one another to achieve a unique effect. Recently, innovators have been pushing the technique into the realm of HD video, with fantastic results.

HDR Video Demonstration

The creation of new ways to create advertising content presents a sandbox for creatives and allows the industry to move forward into new and exciting horizons. The agencies at the forefront of these innovations will succeed in transforming the industry forever.


The Mobile Revolution

One of the most exciting new directions HD video will continue to take is through a deep integration with mobile devices. Starting with the iPhone 4, which takes 720p HD video on its camera, numerous mobile manufacturers are beginning to develop their own smartphones with HD capabilities, including Samsung's Galaxy and HTC's Evo. These devices have the ability to record at unheard of resolutions for their market, and to play cinema quality films and commercials back to the consumer. They also allow for geolocation tracking of video as well as direct upload to social media sites like Youtube and Facebook. The iPhone 4 even integrates intuitive video editing capabilities with the iMovie application. What the mobile revolution means for HD advertising is that content will have to be as interactive and timely as ever, with a consumer base constantly in motion. It is in the hands of advertisers to innovate as fast as the lives of the customer on the go.

Music Video Shot and Edited with iPhone4


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